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Can you make a wildfire claim if you were a tourist?

As a tourist who was in California to visit friends and get to know the state, you couldn’t have expected that you’d end up losing everything you brought with you to a wildfire. Your stay was stopped short, and you ended up facing serious and significant losses.

As a tourist without a home in California, you may not be sure if you can make a wildfire claim, but you should be able to. If you had traveler’s insurance, then that’s one place to start with your claim. If not, then you may want to look into making a claim against the responsible party, which may have been Pacific Gas and Electric, or PG&E.

PG&E has been linked to wildfires in California

PG&E’s behaviors have been linked to wildfires across the state. If you were injured or lost items to a wildfire, then you may be able to make a claim against the company even if you aren’t from California originally.

To help build your case, it’s important to talk to someone familiar with the PG&E cases and open lawsuits. Additionally, you should not throw away any evidence of your losses, such as photos or videos, receipts or damaged items. Keep information about the hotel or home you stayed in as well as any expenses related to renting the property during your stay, so you can seek reimbursement.

Know that you may face limits on your claim

There will likely be claim limits in place if you seek compensation through your traveler’s insurance or other insurance coverage. There are also time limits on filing for compensation through a lawsuit, which is something you will need to look into as soon as possible.

If you’ve lost property to a wildfire or been injured, you could have a claim against those responsible

When a business entity or individual starts a fire that takes lives, causes injuries or leaves people with damaged assets, it’s only fair to ask that they cover the costs associated with those damaged. It is your right to look into filing a lawsuit or insurance claims to help you recover your losses.