Forest Fire in the distance

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PG&E aims to install AI cameras to prevent and stop fires

People’s lives are ruined, at least in the short term, when their properties are damaged or destroyed because of wildfires. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is accused of being responsible for many of those fires, so it’s reasonable to want to pursue claims against the company.

News about how PG&E plans to handle wildfires may make a difference in how your case, or future cases, are handled. In a report from November 24, PG&E announced that it will now be using artificial intelligence to help stop wildfires and to improve response times. The hope is that this will improve safety and reduce the number of people negatively impacted by fires.

ALERTWildfire cameras make eyes in the sky

Right now, ALERTWildfire cameras are already used to find where wildfires are in the state. A PG&E spokesperson has come out to say that 138 new cameras are going to be installed. Forty-six of those will have AI software when they’re located in high-risk fire areas.

How will this technology help? The AI systems can identify the difference between fog and smoke, before sending an alert to specialists who can review the information. Those individuals can then determine if there is a fire and how to address it.

The detection method is meant to handle the identification of fires before they get out of hand so that they can be stopped. This is just the first step, though. The power company has stated that it intends to install 600 cameras by the end of the year. As a part of the pilot project, only some of those will contain the AI software.

AI can help, but you may still have a claim

While artificial intelligence may help prevent future fires, that won’t help you if you have lost property or suffered from wildfires linked to the power company in the past. You may want to look into your options for making a claim so that you can be compensated for the damage that you have had to deal with. While future fires may be prevented, this investment won’t help those who are already dealing with financial losses.