Forest Fire in the distance

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PG&E faces claims of probation violation

Pacific Gas & Electric has contributed to or directly caused many wildfires. These wildfires have driven people from their homes and resulted in damages extending into the millions of dollars.

If your home or property has been affected by wildfires caused by this company, you may be able to file a claim for compensation for fire-related damages. Even if you weren’t hurt or your property was largely left intact, you may want to make a claim for the loss or death of a pet, damaged trees or forestry and the emotional distress events like wildfires cause.

Did you know that over 1,500 fires have been linked to PG&E?

Interestingly, PG&E is actually under probation as ordered by a federal court. Recently, PG&E was accused of violating its probation, which could lead to the company serving probation for even longer.

The company’s current federal probation is set to end on January 26. That probationary period was set after the company faced federal felonies for the 2010 San Bruno gas explosion. It is now also charged with the 2020 Zogg Fire, 2019 Kincade fire. The two fire cases are still pending.

It’s claimed that PG&E violated the federal probationary rule stating that the company could not commit another state, local or federal crime while on probation. In June 2020, the company pleaded guilty to 84 felony manslaughter charges after the 2018 Camp Fire, which is the deadliest wildfire that has occurred in California to date.

People following the case, as well as survivors, want to keep PG&E on probation. Since corporate entities can’t be sent to prison, probation and fines are the primary penalties available to be used. Federal prosecutors aren’t clear if the judge can revoke probation and restart the probationary period, because federal law does set a maximum probation term at five years.

The current CEO of the company has said that the company shouldn’t be considered criminal. She claims that the company has a safety certificate from the state to show that it is a prudent operator. Still, there are further fires to review, one of which includes the 2021 Dixie Fire that the company may be linked to in the future.